Privacy policy

(Update 23 May 2018)

This Policy intends to make users aware of the general rules for the treatment of personal data, which are collected and processed in strict respect and compliance with the provisions of the personal data protection legislation in force at all times, namely the Regulation (EU ) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 27 April 2016 (“GDPR”).

 Who we are

The company xxxxxx, is the responsible entity and owner of the portal Besolution Eventos e Comunicação

Any references to “us”, “us” or “our” in this Privacy Policy mean Besolution Eventos e Comunicação based in:

Rua Ernesto Veiga de Oliveira, 15A
 2825-042 Vila Nova da Caparica


(351) 211 521 727
(351) 925 376 032
(351) 914 874 998

For the purposes of data protection legislation, Besolution Eventos e Comunicação is the “Data Controller” in relation to the personal information provided and processed through this Internet site (“Site”).

This Privacy Policy determines what happens to the personal data you may provide to us through the Site.

Besolution Eventos e Comunicação, the company values ​​the privacy of its members and in this sense is committed to respecting it, guaranteeing the confidentiality and protection of data registered by users.


 Collection of personal data

Site, can be viewed without having to actively provide any personal information. However, there are areas, such as the “request for a quote” “Recruitment” or “subscribe to our newsletter”, which require you to provide your personal data that is strictly necessary so that you can take advantage of the services provided.

The collection of user identification data will be carried out by filling in a “budget request” or “Recruitment” or “subscribe to our Newsletter” form, which will take place in accordance with the strictest security rules.

The purpose of this Privacy Statement is to guarantee users conditions of Security and Privacy, with only the data required to provide the service being requested and collected, in accordance with the explicit instructions on the website. The user has complete freedom to access his data, rectify it or request its deletion.

We make the following commitments to users:

– Proceed with data processing in a lawful and fair manner, collecting only the information necessary and pertinent to the purpose for which they are intended;
– Allow the data subject to access and correct the information about himself / herself;
– Do not use the data collected for purposes incompatible with the collection;
– Guarantee free of charge the right to delete the data used when required by the holder;
– Have security mechanisms that prevent the consultation, modification, destruction or addition of data by an unauthorized person to do so;
– Do not perform interconnection of personal data, unless legally authorized.

The collected data are entered into the computer system, where they are processed and processed automatically under the terms approved by the National Data Protection Commission (CNPD), with the data for the service management to Besolution Eventos e Comunicação

Under current legislation, you will have the right to oppose, at any time and free of charge, the processing of your personal data for the purposes of direct marketing or any other form of prospecting. You also have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, without compromising the lawfulness of the treatment that we have done based on the consent previously given.

You also have the right to be informed, and to request your consent, before personal data are first communicated to third parties for the purpose of direct marketing or used on behalf of third parties, and you are expressly given the right to object, without charge, to such communications or uses.

If you want to be provided with access to the personal information we hold about you, please send us a request to that effect, using the functionalities in your personal area of ​​the Site or the Application for this purpose.

The data provided by the users will only be used to carry out the services selected and consented by the user for which they were provided.


We will use your email address to send you an email confirming your quote request. We will also use your email address to communicate with you as part of any services you may request from us.

We would like to send you emails and / or SMS with information about our services, with news about our activities and about any promotions or offers that we may launch.

If you prefer that we do not send you these emails and / or SMS, you can at any time choose not to receive them, simply for the purpose:

– do not check the “opt-in / authorization” box before submitting your details on the registration form;

– withdraw your consent through features in your personal area;

– or contact us at any time via our email to inform us of the desire not to be contacted.

 Sharing Personal Information

The personal information collected is restricted, being used only for the following purposes:

– Enable the provision of services;
– Sending commercial offers on products and services, when consented and requested;
– Issuance of proof of payment in the case of services that require such payment;
– By consenting to this, we may share your personal data with our business partners so that they can bring to your attention the products and services they provide, as well as any promotions and offers.

When we ask for your consent, we will identify our affiliates and partners, as well as the purposes of each transmission and sharing

In addition, Besolution Eventos e Comunicação may provide personal data to the competent legal entities in cases where such data are requested by those entities as a result of investigations into illegal, fraudulent activities, breaches of industrial or intellectual property rights.

Upon judicial decision, we may have an obligation to disclose the user’s identity, particularly in the event of violation of intellectual property rights or illegitimate appropriation of personal data.

Besolution Eventos e Comunicação workers and consultants will have access to your personal data for the purposes of managing the Site, however, they are covered by an obligation of confidentiality regarding the data to which they have access in the context of the operations of the respective computer base.

Besolution Eventos e Comunicação workers and consultants are duly informed of the importance of complying with this legal duty of secrecy, being responsible for complying with this confidentiality obligation.

 Where Do We Store Your Personal Data And For How Long?

The data we collect from you will be stored on servers located within the European Union.

The period of time during which the data is stored and preserved varies according to the purpose for which the information is processed.

Please note that there are legal requirements that require data to be kept for a minimum period of time (such as billing data). Thus, and whenever there is no specific legal requirement, data will be stored and preserved only for the minimum period necessary for the purposes that motivated its collection or further processing or, for the period of time authorized by the National Data Protection Commission , after which they will be eliminated.

 Technical and Organizational Measures and Treatment Safety

All the information we receive from you will be stored on secure servers and we will implement appropriate and necessary technical and organizational measures so that your personal data is protected at an adequate level of security that guarantees in particular the confidentiality and integrity of the data and that prevents the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss and alteration or unauthorized disclosure or access to data.

In cases where we have provided an access code to the Site, you acknowledge and accept that it is your responsibility to keep that code secret and confidential. We will never ask you to share this code with others.

Despite the measures implemented to protect your data, you should be aware that the transmission of information over the Internet or other open networks is never completely secure, with the risk that your data will be seen and used by unauthorized third parties. We are obliged to warn everyone who surfs the Internet that they must adopt additional security measures, namely to ensure that they use a PC and browser updated in terms of properly configured security patches, with an active firewall, antivirus and anti-spyware and, make sure of the authenticity of the sites you visit on the internet, avoiding websites whose reputation you don’t trust.

 Cookies policy

Our Cookie Policy is available in Cookies Policy which clarifies the cookies we install on your device, what they are for and how you can configure your browser settings to delete or limit installed cookies.


Besolution Eventos e Comunicação may contain links to other sites, not being responsible for the privacy policies or content of those sites.

If you access one of these links, please note that each one will have its own privacy policy and we are not responsible for those policies. Please read the privacy policies of other websites before submitting personal data through them.

 Changing Privacy Policies

If Besolution Eventos e Comunicação changes its privacy policies, they will always be available at this location.

For further clarification on the privacy policy, please contact us:

Rua Ernesto Veiga de Oliveira, 15A
2825-042 Vila Nova da Caparica


(351) 211 521 727
(351) 925 376 032
(351) 914 874 998